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    Real insights

    into corporate real estate

    How to stay on top of the changing CRE landscape

    Every day, corporate real estate professionals face new challenges in managing their property portfolios. As cost control, productivity, and sustainability rise to the top of the agenda, these objectives can clash with bottom-line thinking and business as usual.


    Add disruptive technologies, such as Big Data and the Internet of Things, shifting workforce demographics, and a new emphasis on workplace wellness, and corporate real estate professionals have their hands full.


    Are you on top of it all? The expert perspectives we’ve gathered here will help you make sense of the changing landscape of corporate real estate.

    How to stay on top of the changing Corporate Real State landscape

    Explore expert opinions, insights, and recommendations
    on four main themes

    From smart buildings 
    to smart precincts

    The rise of the smart, enabled precinct is extending the opportunities for real-time real estate from a single smart building to an entire city block or urban digital district. Workplace expert Jeremy Myerson describes four emerging models for mixed use developments: the enterprise model, the emporium model, the haven model, and the interchange model.
    Smart buildings extend the opportunities of real-time real estate
    Smart buildings extend the opportunities of real-time real estate

    Looking to reduce complexity?
    You're not on your own!

    InterAct Office is a new energy-saving solution in smart lighting systems. There’s no upfront investment for the wireless LED lighting retrofits, just a low monthly managed service fee. InterAct Office uses existing infrastructure along with LED lighting retrofits, sensors, and a tracking dashboard to create data-driven insights that enable green and cost-effective business decisions.
    Watch how InterAct Office is a new energy-saving solution in smart lighting systems
    the video

    Save. See. Scale.


    InterAct Office offers a complete LED retrofit system and up to 70% energy savings with no upfront capital investment. Hassle-free installation leverages existing lighting infrastructures, while easy operation saves time and provides peace of mind.


    Data from the system affords crucial insights into your lighting’s energy consumption and occupancy patterns across your portfolio, allowing you to make informed business decisions supported by facts.


    InterAct Office scales as your needs grow, letting you add and manage connected sites without limit. An intuitive cloud-based analytics dashboard gives you access to detailed real estate energy use information across your connected portfolio, any time, anywhere.


    Act today for a smarter workplace. Receive exclusive insights into top industry trends, learn how the Internet of Things and connected technologies can support your business objectives, and much more.

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    Please contact us with any questions, insights, or ideas about InterAct Office and your CRE environment.


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    Real insights for real estate managers


    Watch these videos to learn how InterAct Office supports critical initiatives with business intelligence and analytics.

    Alternative strategies for working smarter
    Alternative strategies for working smarter
    Real estate optimization strategies
    Real estate optimization strategies
    The power of data
    The power of data
    Sustainability that strengthens your bottom line
    Sustainability that strengthens your bottom line