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    Selling best high bay LED and low bay LED lighting to small scale industry

    Have you ever considered how much HID and fluorescent lighting exists in small scale industry such as workshops, warehouses and factories,  that still needs upgrading to LED? There are literally tens of thousands of square meters in your immediate surroundings. Enterprises just waiting for you to pick up. Need inspiration? Take your pick from the tips, tricks and tools here.

    Case study: Vestergaard Company

    Vestergaard, a leading Danish firm specialized in manufacturing aircraft ground support servicing equipment, managed to realize substantial energy savings, lower its maintenance costs and create a safer and better-lit workshop at the same time,

    with the new Philips TrueForce LED lamps duitable for HID replacement.

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    Selling best high bay LED and low bay LED lighting to small scale industry

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    How to sell best high bay LED and low bay LED lighting  to small scale industry

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    What is the best  lighting for small scale industry? How to choose the best  high bay LED or low bay LED for your project? Our high quality LED lighting can be trusted. For any budget. Easy-to-install lighting and widely available off-the-shelf. With our online product selector, it's simple to find the LED lighting that meets your customer's needs.

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