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    Use light to
    attract customers

    Exterior areas of the mall

    Outdoor lighting at shopping malls is all about attracting attention and encouraging people to come inside. Spectacular, subtle, or elegant façade and landscape lighting expresses the spirit of the mall, generates intrigue, and creates a sense of excitement. Generous and well-designed lighting in parking areas and entryways guides people into the store and makes them feel comfortable, safe, and satisfied when they leave.

    Create a stunning and memorable first impression

    Dynamic, colorful light can turn a shopping mall into a landmark that people remember and recognize. Distinctive and eye-catching façade lighting attracts more interest, more customers, and better stores. Creative uses of light can express the unique qualities of a mall, extending and heightening brand and identity by daylight and into the evening hours. Mall façades often offer a range of elements and surfaces to highlight. Multiple lighting techniques in different combinations can work together to create multiple layers of lighting. For example, wall washing can create a soft glow background effect. Highlighting vertical structures engages foreground interest.

    Create a stunning and memorable first impression

    Secure, welcoming, and energy-efficient

    High-quality, reliable parking illumination is essential for the safe, efficient movement of vehicles and people. It also contributes to the feeling of security and welcome. Lighting that creates good visibility with no pockets of shade can help guide customers and employees, whether on foot or behind the wheel, and make them feel safe and comfortable. Since parking lighting is usually in operation 24 hours a day, energy efficiency is a major consideration. Energy-efficient LED lighting systems, and systems with digital and timeline-based control of light levels and light distribution, can help shopping malls communicate corporate responsibility and achieve green building goals.

    Stylish entrances, safe departures

    Well-designed professional lighting ensures welcoming arrivals and safe departures while creating a memorable and efficient environment. Shopping malls usually feature several entrances, including drop-off points for customers arriving by taxi or car. Customer drop-offs require sufficient lighting safe arrivals and entrances. Entrance lighting should be bright and contrasting enough for easy visibility from the parking area or road.

    Stylish entrances, safe departures

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