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    Reduce energy,

    without harming the experience

    Operational efficiency and maintenance

    Lighting can account for a significant portion of a shopping mall’s energy budget—up to 13%, according to studies. While much of the energy for lighting is consumed indoors, energy-efficient LED lighting outdoors is essential for keeping energy costs and consumption low. With the use of lighting systems we can manage the lighting and reduce energy without harming the mall experience.

    Peace of mind, around the clock


    ActiveSite is the first ever cloud-hosted connected lighting platform for monitoring, managing and maintaining architectural LED lighting installations. Protect your brand and lighting system investments by ensureing optimal lighting system performance around the clock. Remotely accessible software and a rich set of Philips services let you enjoy peace of mind, gain deeper insight into system status and operations, and keep your brand fresh.


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    Fully integrated lighting control and building automation solutions for every project. Including present lighting control, distributed control and monitoring, ease of installation and configuration, flexibility in design, energy savings, scalability, advanced integration into other systems, increased lamp life and perfect LED dimming.


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    Belfast City Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland


    The indoor parking area is one of the most common ways of entering the mall. Therefore besides meeting the basic safety and illumination requirements, creating an inviting and welcoming ambience is also crucial. GreenParking system from Philips combines safety and clarity with energy cost savings of up to 80%.


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    Success stories




    313@Somerset, the luxury shopping center on Singapore’s Orchard Road, was designed and built to be a flagship retail destination with environmentally sustainable credentials. With over three million visitors a month, illuminating the landmark shopping center demanded an intelligent lighting control system that would integrate movement detection, daylighting, submetering, and other approaches to minimize energy usage while enhancing the shopping experience.

    Westfield London,
    United Kingdom


    Philips delivered an advanced, state-of-the-art automated lighting control and energy management system that has enhanced Westfield London as an iconic shopping destination. Using a combination of light sources, including natural light, staff can quickly and easily tailor lighting schemes to individual retail zones and create special themed days for holidays. Intelligent lighting management software allows staff to identify every light, circuit, and channel and make live changes with a click of a mouse.

    Westfield, London

    Bullring Shopping Center -Energy consumption reduced by 85%


    The Bullring Shopping Center attracts 40 million visitors every year. Five years after a major renovation, the mall switched to state-of-the-art LED lighting from Philips. Running costs have been reduced by £34,000 each year and CO2 emissions cut by over 250 tons. The system, which delivers beautiful full-color effects to the shopping center’s façade, reduces energy consumption by about 85% over the previously installed system.

    BREEAM certification for malls

    BREEAM certification for malls


    The Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) rates buildings based on an assessment of daylight and artificial lighting. The premium value attached to energy-efficient properties with a BREEAM rating means that businesses can benefit very directly financially. At the same time, they can demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility and the environment.

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