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    Centrum Galerie, Dresden, Germany


    To create a shopping experience that would attract visitors, Centrum Galerie unveiled the world’s largest installation of luminous textiles as part of a major renovation project, using the motto of ‘Favorite meeting places’. The installation, which features ever-changing LED light content across luminous panels of various sizes and textures, helps to make mall as a popular place to meet and hang out. And this is exactly what the investor wanted, as part of the rebranding project of the mall.


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    Centrum Galerie, Dresden, Germany

    Westfield, London, United Kingdom


    Philips delivered an advanced, state-of-the-art automated lighting control and energy management system that has enhanced Westfield London as an iconic shopping destination. Using a combination of light sources, including natural light, staff can quickly and easily tailor lighting schemes to individual retail zones and create special themed days for holidays. Intelligent lighting management software allows staff to identify every light, circuit, and channel and make live changes with a click of a mouse.

    Poznań City Center, Poznań, Poland

    Bluewater Shopping Centre, Greenhithe, Kent, England, UK


    The Bluewater Shopping Centre stands out in the retail industry as the UK's fourth largest shopping center. Philips and lighting providers Architainment installed a new LED lighting system that matches the grandeur of the shopping complex. The system improves daytime illumination and accents the spacious interior of the large mall with long-lasting, low-maintenance LED lighting. The lighting design produces an ambience of calm and clarity, encouraging shoppers to extend their visits to the mall.

    Bluewater Shopping Centre, Greenhithe, Kent, England, UK

    Vegas Mall, Moscow, Russia


    The Vegas supermall is one of the largest retail sites in the world, and the only themed shopping mall in Russia. Its centerpiece is a recreation of Tokyo’s famous Ginza shopping street. The breathtaking lighting scheme mimics the pulsating, vibrant atmosphere of one of the world’s busiest districts while creating a unified and harmonious space. Not only is the lighting scheme strikingly beautiful, but its energy efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements also minimize operating costs.


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    Vegas Mall,-Ginza Moscow, Russia

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