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    You’ve got the goods. Now show them off. Our full range of LEDs and controls allows you to create an eye-catching atmosphere to pull customers in and keep them there. Stimulate customer engagement with a flexible store appearance and craft “can’t-miss-it” lighting recipes to drive their attention to key displays. Use the power of light to delight customers – and they may stay longer and come back more often.

    See how you can get creative. Read our article A popular site… that’s not online.

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    Today’s customers expect more from the store. Compete with the ease of internet shopping by building a better customer experience. Philips’ StoreWise system lets you devise flexible, engaging lighting scenarios that will pull customers into your space, guide their attention to certain products, and create a more inviting shopping atmosphere.


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    Philips offers complete end-to-end services that will help you with several tasks and minimize the risk of your investment. Our services are available separately or can be combined to create a tailor-made package, guaranteeing a coordinated turnkey solution.

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