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    into stories

    Attract shoppers to your store

    Your story starts outside. Facades and shop windows can be used to tell a story about your product or brand. What's more, they can help you attract and engage with your shoppers. A wide range of fashion retailers are working collaboratively with Philips to find new and innovative solutions.

    It starts outside

    Your store should be just as vibrant and eye-catching at night as it is during the day. Our integrated lighting systems can transform your store’s façade into a destination after dark, drawing potential shoppers to your windows with color-changing or high-quality white light.


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    Setting the scene with your shop window

    Research demonstrates that when lighting changes in a shop window, the display is more likely to catch the consumer’s eye. With LED, it’s possible to create a dynamic lighting scene with a sequence that can be varied in speed and intensity. Fast or slow, high contrast or low contrast – the choice is yours. The Dynamic Shop Window uses the dimming capabilities of LED lighting combined with a dynamic control system.


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    The new shopping journey

    In the past, shopping seemed very straightforward. We'd pull out of our garage, drive to a store, and then drive home again with our purchase. Now, it's become a much more complex process, with multiple channels and numerous touch points between the retailer and the consumer.


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