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Take control of your city, meet Philips DigiStreet

Road and street lighting is becoming digital. DigiStreet is the first road and street luminaire family that enables you to save on energy and resources, optimise maintenance efficiency, whilst getting you ready for the digital age.


The ideal choice for cities to switch to long-lasting efficient LED lighting. Available in a complete range of sizes and optics to suit your needs.

Take control of your city,
meet Philips Service tag

By using Philips Service tag, all DigiStreet luminaires are uniquely identifiable, and by the scan of a QR code, relevant installation, troubleshooting, spare parts information can be accessed.

Take control of your city, meet CityTouch

CityTouch open system flexibility
CityTouch works with almost any type of street light from any manufacturer
CityTouch open system apis
CityTouch communicates via the existing mobile network: no proprietary networks
CityTouch open system network
With APIs, customers can integrate CityTouch into their existing systems