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    The shift from analogue to digital has completely changed our world over the last 30 years. We now walk round with smartphones in our pockets containing more computing power than that which helped Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in 1969.

    Technology has also become increasingly people-centric. Supported by powerful connectivity, the “internet of things” drives new ways to collaborate, innovate and socialize. The same is now true in a smart office environment.


    Find out how connectivity can keep your office energy efficient, help optimize your space, support flexible working, even help you navigate large spaces and also be flexible to adapt to your changing needs now and in the future.


    Continuous connectivity is transforming the way people interact with information and with each other and how they use lighting."


    - Frans van Houten, CEO Philips

    Our hope is that other developers will follow this lead and endeavour to create innovative buildings that are in a league with The Edge."

    - Annemarie van Doorn, Director of the Dutch Green Building Council

    Why connected lighting?               
    Solutions to challenges

    Delivering value beyond illumination infographic


    Delivering value beyond illumination
    System is flexible, future proof and upgradable

    Future proof

    System is flexible, future proof and upgradable
    Connectivity delivers graular insights via data to ensure optimization takes place infographic

    Insight through data

    Connectivity delivers granular insights via data to ensure optimization takes place
    Employee comfort and control is increased, whether for closed offices, boardrooms or even open plan spaces infographic

    Comfort and control

    Employee comfort and control is increased, whether for closed offices, boardrooms or even open plan spaces

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    The Edge, Amsterdam

    Waterpark Place, Toronto

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