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    When safety 
    is critical

    Air side

    The air side at your airport is a hive of activity that needs to be handled safely and efficiently. The lighting should be bright enough for staff to be able to perform visual tasks, but not so bright that it causes glare and discomfort.



    The areas where airplanes park to load or offload cargo, passengers and luggage need to be lit effectively for essential operations to take place such as refuelling or safety checks.


    Bright white light helps staff to handle cargo, catering and fueling and read information correctly. It is also reassuring for passengers waiting at the gate to board because they can see that safety and security protocols are maintained at all times.

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    Behind the scenes your support personnel need to carry out all aspects of routine maintenance work. Effective lighting is essential for operational productivity and efficiency. Bright, white light not only improves visibility, it can also help those working late at night to stay alert and focussed. So you can minimize disruptions and improve your airport’s safety record.




    Keeping employees safe in the logistic areas is critical. Highly uniform, inherently directional white LED lighting helps eliminate shadows and dark corners where accidents may occur. Our flexible, easy-to-use lighting systems let you deliver the right levels of light where and when they are needed, increasing the efficiency and quality of your operations. We work with you to meet your lighting needs, helping to create an intuitive, fully capable, state-of-the-art lighting system.

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