Enhance your
brand reputation



Successful stewardship

Give your public profile the boost it needs, with sustainable lighting. A green reputation can give you the edge you need to win over people seeking treatment. What’s more, a high sustainability rating may encourage more customers and commercial organizations to partner with you.

Instant results, long term benefits


Green hospital lighting boosts business both in the short-term and the distant future. Immediate benefits are reduced costs, happier staff, and increased patient satisfaction. In the long-term, your building’s asset value will increase by up to 16%, and investors will be reassured that you are involved in corporate and social responsibility.

Broaden your appeal


Sustainability builds bridges. Green hospital management and facilities have positive effects upon the way people see your brand. Once you make an environmental commitment, you enhance your reputation and increase your appeal to staff, patients, partners, investors and the wider community.

Did you know?



Increase in asset value for green buildings compared with conventional buildings
Estimated cost premium for green buildings (based on design stage estimates and surveys)


Cost premium for green buildings (actual costs based on various studies)




Smart Buildings

19.10.2016, Birmingham NEC

Presentation: ‘Connected Lighting for Offices - Beyond Illumination’ by Darren Smith

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19-23.10.2016, Birmingham NEC

Highway Electrical Association (HEA)
Annual Conference
03.11.2016, Celtic Manor, Newport


9-10.11.2016, Canary Wharf, London

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