A healthy future
for patients, staff and the earth



Green healthcare


Sustainable healthcare isn’t just about helping the environment. It’s about creating a brighter future for patients, medical staff, and even shareholders.


Cost-efficient and caring lighting goes a long way. Energy-saving illumination systems can help you balance the impact of rapidly rising electricity costs. And with hospital lighting systems based on innovation, you can keep up with the changing needs of patients, and the ongoing advances in medical technology.

Why go green?

Helping staff and patients

Lighting can help attract and retain valuable staff, by creating a comfortable and practical working environment. It can even improve staff performance – studies show that mental function and memory improves by up to 25% in better lit environments that include daylight.


Patients benefit too, as a reassuring ambience helps to reduce their anxiety. Research shows that the right lighting can improve patient sleep duration by 8%. And with the money you save through energy-efficient lighting, you can invest in equipment that facilitates better treatment.

Did you know?

Savings - green buildings compared to conventional code compliant buildings
Mental function and memory improvement in better lit environments that include daylight
The amount of payback gained by adding 2% sustainability budget  to builds


By adding a 2% sustainability budget to builds, you can expect a payback of up to 10x the amount you invest. 

Business benefits

Better business through green technology

Adapting sustainable technology can help you achieve numerous business goals. Green buildings save up to 30% in energy compared to conventional buildings, reducing your operational costs and freeing up funds that can be used elsewhere.  Sustainable companies are statistically more successful, and their asset value increases by up to 16%.


In addition, creating a green hospital building works wonders for your brand image. Sustainable technology helps you to meet corporate social responsibility goals, and you can earn green certification from your local authority.




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