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Cluttered streets can be unwelcoming, unattractive – and at their worst, unsafe. But as urban areas grow, greater visibility is needed in pedestrian precincts. That means more lamp posts, and less space on the ground.


FreeStreet was designed to provide welcoming light for pedestrians and cyclists, while reducing the need for lamp posts. This suspended system hangs above the street, utilizing lightweight luminaires that are barely visible during the day. At night, the light sources appear to be hovering in the air. Their compact cabling makes it easy for residents to look up and enjoy the night sky.


The FreeStreet system only needs to be connected to a façade every 100m for electricity, resulting in flexible installation options. In addition, energy-efficient LEDs mean that FreeStreet creates electricity savings of up to 60% compared with conventional street lighting.


FreeStreet - Street lighting


FreeStreet suspended lighting system represents a completely new vision of public lighting.

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FreeStreet - Street lighting

Dutch Design Award winner 2011


The Philips FreeStreet lighting system has won the 2011 Dutch Design Award (DDA) in the category 'Best professional product'. The international jury described FreeStreet as a “unique and relevant street luminaire for cities of today and tomorrow”.

FreeStreet projects

The FreeStreet lighting system can be applied in multiple applications.

For example a new 1000 space multi-storey car park at Wembley Park make use of Philips’ innovative new FreeStreet pole-free suspended outdoor lighting system.
FreeStreet Projects


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