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Use light to engage

with customers    

Interior areas of the mall

Light plays a vital role in the customer experience at a shopping mall. Philips LED lighting systems can guide customers, make them feel welcome, and take them through a range of shopping experiences according to mood and activity. They’re also energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly, lowering power consumption, saving money, and helping malls meet green building standards.

Transform and highlight with light


A shopping mall’s atrium offers opportunities to attract and orient people and to reinforce branding. Flexible general lighting using Philips downlights and cove lights can help establish a soft ambience, while spotlights, floodlights, and entertainment lighting can create dynamic light experiences and support special themes for holidays and festivals.

Guide and direct with light


Corridor lighting in malls is essential for guiding customers and highlighting individual retail establishments. The right combination of accent lighting, downlighting, and other effects make corridors feel bright and safe, and contribute to a mall’s inviting ambience. Carefully considered lighting designs create drama while helping guide people to key features in the mall.

Light as a moving experience


Escalators, a feature of almost every mall. Usually, they’re intuitive. Shoppers can see where they go and need no particular encouragement to use them. However, there are occasions when escalator use requires a little more prompting: when they lead to somewhere new or unknown. Light walls and other dynamic lighting techniques can create focal points that draw people to the escalators.

Entertainment comes alive


Shopping malls are increasingly lifestyle and entertainment destinations where cinema complexes, arcades, and even live theater contribute to the customer experience. For these areas, lighting is a vital component in distinguishing them from the retail sections of the mall, and creating a sense of drama and excitement.

Work safely, work efficiently


Loading bays are complex, high-traffic areas, which in some cases operate 24 hours a day. Bright, uniform lighting plays an important role to ensure operations take place safely and efficiently. As with any business application, cost is always an issue, as is the question of carbon emissions.

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