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Engage customers inside the mall

Starting with the atrium, continuing with corridors and escalators lighting can help your customers navigate across the mall, enhance their shopping experience, and create special themed ambiences for different events, holidays.

Interior areas


Light plays a vital role in the customer experience at a shopping mall. Philips LED lighting systems and solutions can guide customers, make them feel welcome, and take them through a range of shopping experiences according to mood and activity.

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interior areas

Success Stories and Inspiration


Read our cases and learn how we can help you enhance customer experience, keep shoppers engaged inside the mall, and how flexible lighting can help create just right ambience suiting different themed days and holidays.

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Success Stories and  Inspiration

Operational efficiency


Because lighting a mall typically uses 13% of its total energy consumption, it’s important to take advantage of the many methods of reducing lighting energy consumption. Energy efficiency supports benefit both financial and sustainability goals.

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operational efficiency

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