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Attract and engage
with light

Shopping centres

Create customized lighting designs that attract customers and keep them engaged during their visit. Targeted, engaging experiences stimulate shoppers, highlight key locations throughout the shopping centre, guide visitors, and encourage exploration.


Lighting systems from Philips create a pleasing environment for customers by providing the best possible lighting while improving operational efficiency, reducing maintenance costs, and saving energy. The right light can illuminate a façade, help shape special events, and establish a meaningful connection with visitors.


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Attract and engage

Attract customers from the outside


Light can turn the shopping centre into a landmark that people remember and recognize. Use lighting to make a memorable first impression, learn how it can help to entice customers to enter the shopping centre.


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Attract customers using light, shopping mall lighting, Philips Lighting

Engage customers inside


Starting with the atrium, continuing with corridors and even escalators lighting can help customers navigate across the shopping centre, enhance their shopping experience, and can also create special themed ambiences for different events, holidays, and festivals.


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Engage with customers using light, shopping mall lighting, Philips Lighting

Operational efficiency and maintenance


Because lighting a shopping centre typically uses 13% of its total energy consumption, it’s important to take advantage of the many methods of reducing lighting energy consumption. Energy efficiency supports benefit both financial and sustainability goals.


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Engage with customers using light, shopping mall lighting, Philips Lighting

Create the wow factor

This inspirational booklet will show you how lighting can help you maximize the potential of every area of your shopping centre, both inside and out.

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