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Revolutionize the retail experience by making your lighting do more. The Internet of Things is transforming smartphones into the retail tools of the future. And our connected lighting systems let you tap into this potential. We provide the infrastructure to harness the power of big data to guide, engage and target shoppers – giving them what they need, when they need it.

In a world first, retail giant Carrefour installed Philips LED lighting at its EuraLille hypermarket to deliver location-based services to shoppers. Read more about it in this article in Luminous Magazine.

LED-based Indoor Positioning


Take lighting to the next level. Boost customer involvement, increase staff efficiency and drive revenue by making use of LED-based indoor location services. Each LED is a possible source for detecting information by pinpointing a smartphone user’s location to within half a meter. The hyper-accuracy of our system can help you deliver a more immersive shopping experience and maximize staff efficiency. Display in-store deals, send employees to restock empty shelves – our system can create a detailed overview of what’s happening on the shop floor. The lighting is there: why not put it to work for you?

Take shopping experience to the next level

Learn how the French

hypermarket, Carrefour

made use of the Philips Indoor positioning system

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Top Supplier Retail

The German retail institute EHI awarded Carrefour with the Retail Technology Award 2016 for Best Customer Experience in February 2016. Subsequently Philips received the Top Supplier Retail 2016 award.


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