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Engage shoppers

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Fashion lighting to express your identity

Online shopping is convenient, but it is rarely memorable. We can help you respond to the trends and overcome the challenges you face in the rapidly changing fashion retail market. We believe fashion retail lighting is a source of empowerment – when used to its fullest potential it can make your merchandise, brand and business shine.

Flexible, efficient, high-quality light, powered by enabling technologies can help you communicate your identity in a way that is healthy for your business, relevant to shoppers and maximizes shopping experience.
Customized lighting

Customized lighting - unique lighting for your unique brand


Of course you want to stand out with your brand. We work with you to design products that are unique to your brand and your lighting needs.

Our customized products give you the option of choosing your own 'light signature' to reflect your brand. We look beyond today's needs and focus on impactful, and innovative projects that fulfill your needs.


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Find the best flavor of light for your brand

Standard 830 - efficient lighting

Standard 830

  • Maximum energy savings
  • Efficient lighting all over the place
Standard 930 - warm atmosphere

Standard 930

  • Creates a warm atmosphere in the store
  • Brings optimal light quality (CRI 90)
Premium White - rich color spectrum

Premium White

  • Rich color spectrum that enhances the products
  • Perfect balance between light quality and energy savings
CrispWhite - intense light


  • Experience intense whites and rich colors
  • The sparkling intense light really makes your displays stand out
  • Experience intense whites and rich colors
  • The sparkling intense light really makes your displays stand out 

  • Experience intense whites and rich colors
  • The sparkling intense light really makes your displays stand out 

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    Luminous Textiles

    Luminous Textiles

    Every space demands its own meaningful solution. Luminous textile helps you achieve your boldest visions and capture the essence of a space in a totally unique way.


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    OneSpace combines state-of-the-art lighting and acoustic technology in a sleek-looking luminaire in an easy-install ceiling panel.


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    CrispWhite uses the latest LED lighting technology to make whites appear whiter and colors seem more vibrant. Attract, engage, and convert customers, with flawless illumination delivered by a single energy-efficient light source.


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    19.10.2016, Birmingham NEC

    Presentation: ‘Connected Lighting for Offices - Beyond Illumination’ by Darren Smith

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    19-23.10.2016, Birmingham NEC

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