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The future of


Engaging with shoppers in store in innovative ways

Today’s shoppers use multiple channels to search for and purchase the items they need. Retailers are continually looking for ways to offer shoppers a frictionless shopping experience: a shopper journey that is easy and inspirational, that seamlessly and conveniently integrates online resources, mobile apps, and the store, that allows shoppers to find all products quickly, that offers instant support, and that features relevant and timely offers and information.

Transform your store into a destination

Shoppers expect more from their store visits. To compete with the online environment and win the hearts and minds of your shoppers you have to give them a memorable experience – to attract and engage them with your brand and convert them into loyal customers, keen to visit again.



We can help make these magical shopping experiences happen by working together with you to create lighting solutions that are unique to your brand


More trends in fashion lighting

Turn passersby into shoppers

When trying to attract the attention of a shopper, you only have a few seconds to make an impact. Your façade and shop window should facilitate in making this impact. Attractive lighting can help.


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Fashion lighting - Attract shoppers

Engage shoppers with store experience

Lighting can brighten up your customers’ sales floor experience and guide them towards merchandise. Our versatile retail lighting allows you to create an intimate feel, or a friendly and welcoming ambience.


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Fashion lighting - Engage shoppers with in-store experience

Convert shoppers into buyers

Studies show that 60% of shopping decisions are made in the fitting room, so it’s vital that customers see themselves in a flattering light. Philips can help you achieve this, with smart retail lighting that provides the right light for the best fitting room experience.


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Fashion lighting - Create a welcoming ambience

The new shopping journey

In the past, shopping seemed very straightforward. We’d pull out of our garage, drive to a store and then drive home again with our purchase. Now, it’s become a much more complex process, with multiple channels and numerous touch points between the retailer and the consumer.


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The future of fashion

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