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Enhancing Educational Spaces

Creating the right environment for learning is essential for any university. The goal to create spaces that are comfortable for students and lecturers and are flexible enough to suit different tutorial needs can be achieved through advanced lighting systems. Lighting can support universities in addressing these common drivers: Enhancing facilities, Standardisation, Maintenance, Improved Control, Sustainability, Carbon and Energy Saving

The improved light levels

a better living environment for students, which is important for us in supporting their success whilst at university."


-James Tiernan, Energy and Utilities Manager, UNITE

Enhancing Facilities


In today's competitive environment, students want to know they're getting the best. Effective lighting can help reinforce your brand and strengthen your appeal to students, parents and business partners alike. With light you can easily transform any space through the use of different coloured lighting and light levels to make an impression on visitors in your public spaces, create an ambience or mood that can improve productivity and creativity within the student population or even attract commercial interest by offering a high-tech, attractive and flexible space for hire.

Reducing your costs


Lighting accounts for around 23% of a university's energy costs, but it's difficult to know how much energy is being consumed by area and how to measure it. Installing a lighting management system allows you to see and monitor lighting energy consumption by area and then see how this consumption could be reduced. You can then ascertain if having the lighting on permanently is necessary, or whether presence detection sensors, timed switching, dimming or daylight harvesting strategies could be utilised to effect - to drive down the energy consumption and cost.



Universities who can demonstrate that they have a strong sustainability policy forming part of their corporate and social responsibility policy (CSR) can use this to give transparency and visibility to potential investors or students, increase access to research funding , enhance stakeholder relations and credibility and protect and strengthen their identity and brand image. Updating lighting to LED can help address a University's Carbon Reduction Commitment, Energy Performance and Building Directive, Energy Services Directive and BREEAM Rating.


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