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With increasing traffic on today’s roads, lighting has become an even more important factor in guaranteeing road safety. Good lighting guides drivers and provides increased visibility, while also controlling glare and maintaining uniform light quality. In addition to light quality, high performance optics make it possible to maximize the space between poles and minimize light pollution. Varying types of roads and locations require different solutions; therefore our products can be customized to meet your individual needs. From urban roads to high capacity highways, we can ensure the path is well-lit. In addition to functionality, it is important to consider the environmental impact of lighting. We have sustainable LED solutions which not only keep costs low, but prioritize the health of our planet as well. Both functionality and sustainability can be combined in an integrated solution to ensure you have total control while keeping operational costs low. Tools like the Total Cost of Ownership calculator give you visibility into costs and savings over the lifetime of the product.

Clear visibility helps people drive safely and feel at ease on the road. Our lighting range for traffic routes provides high-quality, glare-free illumination to ensure drivers can see well, using LED technology to avoid light pollution and reduce energy use and maintenance.


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Residential  area products

  • UniStreet
    At relatively low initial cost, the highly efficient LED-based UniStreet luminaire offers significant cost savings compared with conventional street lighting, ensuring full payback...
    • Substantial energy savings for a limited investment
    • Point-to-point replacement of SOX, PL-L, SON or HPL conventional luminaires
    • Low maintenance

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for road lighting

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Total Costs of Ownership 


The pressure on reducing energy, maintenance costs and operating costs will continue to increase so that climate change and budget objectives can be met. Understanding the total costs of an lighting installation over it's whole life time is becoming increasingly important as budgets become tighter and long term planning is required.


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