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Philips Lighting:
Light Beyond Illumination


Empowering Cities

Could civic leaders and the use of digital technologies shape the future of cities?

Improving workplaces

LED-based connected lighting systems can provide the foundation for organizations to achieve their performance targets.

As the nights draw in


our lighting needs naturally increase.  From creating inviting spaces to transforming shopper journeys and helping people feel safer and more engaged, lighting can deliver benefits beyond simple illumination. 

Engaging with shoppers in store in innovative ways

An intelligent lighting infrastructure can not only increase energy efficiency and manage buildings in an environmentally friendly way, it can engage customers and transform shopping visits like never before

Improving the working environment

Connected lighting systems and services, as part of the Internet of Things, create safe and comfortable work environments while also increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs in an environmentally friendly way.

'Brighter Lives, Better World'


builds on Philips Lighting’s ambition to create brighter lives with quality light that improves people’s wellbeing, safety and productivity. We are accelerating the shift to energy efficient LED and connected lighting systems that help to create a better world where customers can reduce their electricity use by up to 80%.

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Could local authority leaders and the use of digital technologies shape the future of cities?

City stakeholders, such as citizens, businesses, and governments who use digital technologies play a much larger role than just utilising smartphones and social media – they shape the futures of cities. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), on behalf of Philips, is finding out how impactful these technologies are when engaging with urban environments. These components allow stakeholders to communicate with each other – resulting in an influence on how their city develops.

How LED-based connected lighting systems can provide the foundation for organisations to achieve their performance targets.


These lighting systems can readily tie into a building’s IT and management networks, offering a platform for creating a ‘digital canopy’ to deliver an entire range of advanced applications.


Integrated sensors provide rich data on occupancy patterns, energy usage, and various aspects of the indoor environment, such as light and CO₂ levels, temperature, and humidity. Building managers can use this data to adjust and fine-tune the delivery of resources to support sustainability goals.

Unlocking the value of retail apps with lighting

Philips commissioned a piece of research with 3,000 shoppers in 3 countries (US, Netherlands and France). The survey was conducted together with Kantar/TNS to help retailers determine the value that Indoor Positioning can offer them to transform the shopper experience via the means of a truly engaging mobile platform whilst in store.


The objective of the research was to understand what shoppers value in retailers' store apps and what location-based services should be included in these apps to unlock their full potential.

How can we help you take light beyond illumination for your organisation?

Specifying a Philips lighting systems begins with you, your business and your goals.  Philips experts will work with you to identify what you may need, now and in the future, as your business evolves.

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We work with wholesale partners across the country. 

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