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With an innovative CityTouch system, Siegburg, Germany sets the standard for efficient, accurate and flexible lighting specific processes.


As Siegburg has grown, street lighting has become an increasingly important feature of the town’s public space. With the deployment of the Philips CityTouch connect and workflow app, city officials are now able to efficiently manage the workflow needs of the city.

Improved maintenance workflow processes infographic
Siegburg officials needed a way to properly monitor and manage the city’s operational processes. Because the Philips CityTouch system is able to specifically support lighting management processes, the CityTouch workflow app is used to support necessary workflows and assure that the system is operating properly at all times. Now, Siegburg’s energy consumption has been reduced even further, and the city is reaping a number of operational efficiencies including receiving valuable and accurate data insights, resulting in better planning and reporting.

Working with City Touch has made life much more flexible because management processes are simplified and shown transparently."

Jörg Hartung,

Executive Director of Street Lighting, Siegburg

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