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Pioneering scalable
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Able to support adaptive applications, CityTouch and SAP HANA offer Buenos Aires officials a 360-degrees view of data, making it an open and energy-efficient smart city.


With a steadily growing population, the city of Buenos Aires is continuously striving to be more sustainable and make the city a happier, healthier place to live. While city officials were already implementing innovative solutions across the city, their requirements for new, high-quality street lighting made CityTouch the perfect choice.

50% saving on energy costs infographic
The installation was completed in three phases over the course of three years, with a final total of 91,000 new light points in the city. Philips provided Buenos Aires with scalable services by supporting adaptive applications, and has partnered with SAP to offer Buenos Aires, and other cities, a 360-degree view of data using the SAP HANA platform. Buenos Aires is now able to implement new applications while working with their existing infrastructures. The complete installation upgraded 70% of the lighting in Buenos Aires, saved 50% in operational costs, and significantly reduced annual CO2 emissions.

In addition to enabling energy services, CityTouch provides our customers with unique, flexible, sustainable and integrated lighting management solutions which were not even envisioned only a few years ago."

Gustavo Verna,

CEO of Philips Argentina

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