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Connected Light objectives from concept to completion. We have worked closely with Philips for thirty years, providing our services in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, in both the private and public sector, throughout the South West and the UK. Connected Light provide a comprehensive range of technical lighting solutions, with the supply of internal and external lighting as well as management control for a variety of applications. With our experience and knowledge we aim to provide superior lighting aesthetics, increased energy efficiency, and CO2 reduction through the use of a range of the latest lighting technologies.
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Technical Lighting Solutions, Management Control, Internal and External Lighting


Royal Portbury Dock

Bristol, United Kingdom


Opened in 1977, Royal Portbury Dock is part of the Port of Bristol and is operated by The Bristol Port Company. It is situated near the village of Portbury on the southern side of the mouth of the Avon and handles a wide range of goods including motor vehicles and bulk cargoes. The 220m long stores are configured with a broad roadway, capable of accommodating three lorries side-by-side, running through the centre of the store with bulk handling bays on either side. They were previously lit using 250W high pressure sodium (SON) high bay fittings, 100 in total, sited either side of the roadways. When gear losses were taken into account, this amounted to an installed electrical load of 27,500W. These have now been replaced on a point-for-point basis with 108W Highbay LED fittings, resulting in a 61% reduction in installed electrical load, with an increase in lighting levels of around 20%. Because of the dusty atmosphere the Highbay fittings are IP65 rated.

Lighting Services - Philips Value Added Partner

Customer feedback


It was clear that LED lighting would provide the best solution so we consulted with Connected Light to explore the options available. With higher light levels and a whiter light, the new fittings have created a much brighter environment.”

Hicks Gate Roundabout

Keynsham, United Kingdom


Bath and North East Somerset Council planned to improve road safety, traffic congestion, and the movement of public transport at Hicks Gate roundabout in Keynsham. Philips’ introduced SpeedStar, incorporating LEDGINE. The modular concept of LEDGINE within SpeedStar gives it complete flexibility to light a scheme to the exact requirement thereby maximising energy savings. This is especially useful when using existing spacings, as there is no need to over light, which sometimes is the case with step changes in HID lamp wattages.

Lighting Services - Philips Value Added Partner

Customer feedback


Philips and Connected Light demonstrate how by working together, local authorities can save energy, improve safety and reduce maintenance costs through LED lighting at the Hicks Gate roundabout in Keynsham.”

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