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social impact

Improving people's lives


We’re working to improve people’s lives around the globe by providing light that saves energy, creates safer and more livable cities, boosts office productivity, helps people learn and heal, helps grow food and alleviates light poverty.


Lighting lives


Nightfall in developing countries often means the end of social connection and productivity. Over 1.3 billion people around the world are trapped in light poverty because they don’t have access to electric light. And most of those affected resort to kerosene lamps and candles; dangerous options that claim 1.5 million lives every year. We’re helping to alleviate light poverty by bringing solar LED lighting to remote rural and off-grid locations to foster more social and commercial activity and enhance people’s well-being.

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Helping to feed the world


More and more consumers are demanding safe, healthy and sustainably-produced food through the intelligent use of land, water, and energy close to their homes. Our AquaLED, City Farming and water purification lighting systems help to provide more food and water for a growing population.

  • Our systems for salmon production lower feed costs, reduce fish mortality and diseases, improve growth rates and quality and reduce energy use and maintenance.
  • City Farming makes it possible to grow tasty and healthy food virtually anywhere, regardless of the weather or season. A controlled setting using light recipes leads to higher yields, less waste and consistently high quality with maximum nutrition and taste.
  • Our water purification technology helps municipalities and industry provide safe drinking water which, in turn, helps to protect our health as well as our rivers, lakes and coastal water.
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Lighting the learning process


Our SchoolVision system allows teachers to choose between four different light settings, according to the time of day and activity. From top-intensity, cooler-toned light to support high-concentration tasks to warmer tones that will help calm a busy class, our system supports learning the ABCs and everything in between. And not to be forgotten, older students at university level can also benefit from dynamic lighting systems that create pockets of rest in their otherwise hectic lives.


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