Reducing energy consumption  globally

Lighting today accounts for 20% of the world’s total electricity consumption. However, 75% of current urban lighting is energy-inefficient. Governments are actively mandating the migration to more energy-efficient technologies like LED. We estimate that global electricity consumption can be reduced by 8% through the increasing adoption of connected, energy-efficient lighting solutions.

The rise of led lighting Creating new possibilities with connected lighting

Get ready for the next step in lighting evolution. Connected lighting brings illumination into the digital world where it can interact with people, places and devices. By interfacing lights with other technology, we empower our customers to save energy, create new experiences, and achieve success in business.




HEN on the Road One Day Technical Conference

11.05.2017, Surrey


Smart to Future Cities 

16.05.2017, London


Smart Buildings 

23.05.2017, London


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