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      Luma is a REVOLED™ road-lighting luminaire with a clear design identity, offering a perfectly cooled, fit-and-forget solution for all streets and roads. The lumen package, lifetime and energy profile can be tuned to create the desired solution in terms of energy and cost savings. Luma can be programmed to keep the flux of the LEDs at a predefined constant level over the lifetime of the luminaire – by increasing the operating current over time to compensate for the LED lumen depreciation. This eliminates over-lighting at the beginning, enabling additional extra energy savings. Luma’s truly flat design prevents upward light, and the OPTIFLUX™ lens optics meet current lighting standards. To optimize the light distribution for varying road geometries and/or glare restrictions, the tilt angle can easily be adjusted on installation.


      Choice of lens optics to match international road and street geometries
      Combination of lenses and tilt adjustment options ensures high project flexibility
      Dedicated lumen packages deliver energy savings of over 50%, with a related reduction in CO2 emissions


      REVOLED™ technology for an integrated, uncompromised approach to LED luminaire design
      COO-LED™ thermal management – the integral design approach taken ensures that many luminaire parts contribute to the coolest and therefore most efficient lighting solution
      L-Tune tool
      Adjustable tilt angle


      Motorways, inter-urban main roads, boulevards and avenues, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings
      Residential streets, side streets, squares, parks, cycle and pedestrian paths, playgrounds
      Parking areas, industrial areas, petrol stations, rail yards, airports, harbors, waterways
      Product family details
      • BGP621 (Mini Luma version)
      • BGP623 (Luma 1 version)
      • BGP625 (Luma 2 version)
      • BGP627 (Luma 3 version)
      Light source
      • Built-in LED-module
      • BGP621: 23 to 85 W depending on configuration
      • BGP623: 39 to 174 W depending on configuration
      • BGP625: 79 to 245 W depending on configuration
      • BGP627: 124 to 384 W depending on configuration
      Luminous flux
      • BGP621: Neutral and Cool white:
      • nominal: 3500 to 10,900 lm
      • system: 3200 to 9700 lm
      • Warm white:
      • nominal: 3500 to 9400 lm
      • system: 3200 to 8300 lm
      • BGP623: Neutral and Cool white:
      • nominal: 6000 to 22,000 lm
      • system: 5400 to 19,200 lm
      • Warm white:
      • nominal: 6000 to 22,000 lm
      • system: 5400 to 19,000 lm
      • BGP625: Neutral and Cool white:
      • nominal: 13,000 to 34,000 lm
      • system: 11,700 to 29,400 lm
      • Warm white:
      • nominal: 13,000 to 28,000 lm
      • system: 11,700 to 24,200 lm
      • BGP627: Neutral and Cool white:
      • nominal: 18,900 to 55,000 lm
      • system: 17,000 to 47,200 lm
      • Warm white:
      • nominal: 18,900 to 45,000 lm
      • system: 17,000 to 38,600 lm
      • Or tailor flux using L-Tune software
      Luminaire efficacy
      • BGP621: up to 137 lm/W
      • BGP623: up to 146 lm/W
      • BGP625: up to 148 lm/W
      • BGP627: up to 144 lm/W
      Correlated Color Temperature
      • 3000, 4000 or 5700 K
      Color Rendering Index
      • >70 (for CW, NW)
      • >80 (for WW)
      Useful life
      • BGP621: 100,000 hours min L91B10 (up to L96B10) at 25 °C ambient temperature
      • BGP623: 100,000 hours min L89B10 (up to L95B10) at 25 °C ambient temperature
      • BGP625: 100,000 hours min L89B10 (up to L95B10) at 25 °C ambient temperature
      • BGP627: 100,000 hours min L88B10 (up to L95B10) at 25 °C ambient temperature
      Operating temperature range
      • -20 to +35 ºC
      • Programmed LED drivers
      Mains voltage
      • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
      • 1-10 V or stand alone DynaDimmer
      • DALI
      • Wired for cell (WFC), mini Photocell or NEMA socket
      • Including cable
      • Narrow, medium, wide or extra wide road optics: DM10, DM11, DM12, DM30, DM31, DM50, DM70, DN10, DN11, DPR1, DPL1, DS50, DW10, DW12, DW50, DX10, DX50, DX51, DX70
      Optical cover
      • Flat cover, glass
      • Housing: die-cast aluminum, non corrosive
      • Cover: toughened glass
      • Gear tray: aluminum
      • Spigot: die-cast aluminum
      • Antracite or light grey
      • Other RAL or AKZO Futura colors or duo colors available on request
      • M20 cable gland with strain relief, for cable Ø 10-14 mm
      • Canopy with LED module and gear tray hinges upwards and is secured by a stainless steel locking bar (2 positions), making the LED module and gear tray safely accessible from below
      • Safe Maintenance Technology (SMT) safety switch disconnects power on opening
      • BGP621/623: post top / side entry mounting Ø 32-60 mm
      • BGP625/627: post top / side entry mounting Ø 42-62 mm
      • Recommended mounting height: 6-18 m
      • Standard tilt angle post top: 0º
      • Adjustable tilt angle: 0-5-10º
      • Max SCx: 0.055 m² (BGP621), 0.057 m² (BGP623), 0.067 m² (BGP625), 0.079 m² (BGP627)
      • Dedicated spigot for post top Ø 76 mm
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