Airtrace - functionality and style

Airtrace 1 & 2

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Airtrace combines a highly aesthetic state-of-the-art design with tried-and-tested functionality and high-performance micro-optics. It is available in two sizes with a series of exclusively designed Batio brackets to enable a wide variety of functional public lighting applications.


Easy installation and maintenance
Modern and elegant design
Optimized lighting control


Modern and elegant styling
Wide choice of lamps
Innovative optics (iReflec and ExaCT optics)
Double Ingress Protection (DIP)
Safe Maintenance Technology (SMT)


Traffic routes: motorways, inter-urban main roads, cycle paths, roundabouts, parking areas
Residential: streets, cycle paths and footpaths, roundabouts, squares/parks and playgrounds, parking areas
City centers: boulevards and avenues, side streets, squares and parks, pedestrian and shopping areas, public transport, cycle paths and footpaths, parking areas
Large outdoor areas: industrial sites, harbors, airports, waterways, rail yards
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