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BCP463 19xLED-HB-4000 100-277V WH

  • eW Burst Powercore – high-output, exterior white spotlight for accent and site lighting

    BCP463 19xLED-HB-4000 100-277V WH

    BCP463 19xLED-HB-4000 100-277V WH

Specifications Show all

General Information
Number of light sources
19  [ 19 pcs]
Lamp family code
LED-HB  [ LED High Brightness]
Light source replaceable
Driver included
Luminaire light beam spread
Protection class IEC
Safety class I
CE mark
CE mark
UL mark
UL mark
Lifetime to 50% luminous flux
120000 h
Lifetime to 70% luminous flux
90000 h
Product Family Code
BCP463  [ eW Burst Powercore]
Operating and Electrical
Input voltage
100 to 277 V
Input frequency
50 to 60 Hz
Controls and Dimming
Mechanical and Housing
Housing configuration
BV  [ Basic version]
Approval and Application
Ingress protection code
IP66  [ Dust penetration-protected, jet-proof]
Initial Performance (IEC Compliant)
Initial luminous flux
1478 lm
Initial LED luminaire efficacy
49.3 lm/W
Init. Corr. colour temperature
4000 K
Initial input power
30 W
Product Data
Full product code
Order product name
eW Burst Powercore BCP463 19xLED-HB-4000 100-277V WH
EAN/UPC – product
Order code
Numerator – quantity per pack
Numerator – packs per outer box
Material no. (12NC)
Net weight (piece)
5.000 kg

Eco passport - Our environmental product specifications overview

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Installation Diagrams
OFCS1_BCP463 1xLED-HB-2700 +ZCP462 BSP A14
OFCS1_BCP463 1xLED-HB-2700 +ZCP462 BSP A14
IFGU1_BCP463 1xLED-HB-2700 +ZCP462 BSP A14
IFGU1_BCP463 1xLED-HB-2700 +ZCP462 BSP A14
Green Data
Software Plugins
  • IES

    IFMT1_BCP463 1xLED-HB-2700 +ZCP462 BSP A14

    IES 38.7 kB
  • IES

    OFMT1_BCP463 1xLED-HB-2700 8.IES

    IES 21.6 kB
  • IES

    OFMT1_BCP463 1xLED-HB-4000 8.IES

    IES 21.6 kB
  • ULD

    IFDM1_BCP463 1xLED-HB-2700 +ZCP462 BSP A14

    ULD 158.0 kB
  • ULD

    OFDM1_BCP463 1xLED-HB-2700 8.ULD

    ULD 21.6 kB
  • ULD

    OFDM1_BCP463 1xLED-HB-4000 8.ULD

    ULD 21.6 kB
  • Relux

    IFDM2_BCP463 1xLED-HB-2700 +ZCP462 BSP A14

    ROLF 177.9 kB
  • Relux

    OFDM2_BCP463 1xLED-HB-2700 8.ROLF

    ROLF 21.6 kB
  • Relux

    OFDM2_BCP463 1xLED-HB-4000 8.ROLF

    ROLF 21.6 kB
  • LDT

    IFMT2_BCP463 1xLED-HB-2700 +ZCP462 BSP A14

    LDT 28.7 kB
  • LDT

    OFMT2_BCP463 1xLED-HB-2700 8.LDT

    LDT 21.6 kB
  • LDT

    OFMT2_BCP463 1xLED-HB-4000 8.LDT

    LDT 21.6 kB

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