ColorBlast RGB Powercore gen4 - maximum control of color

ColorBlast RGB Powercore gen4

ColorBlast RGB Powercore gen4

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ColorBlast RGB Powercore gen4 is the next generation of indoor and outdoor floodlighting. Ideally suited for wall washing, grazing and spot lighting, ColorBlast RGB Powercore gen4 is a high-performance fixture that provides the benefits of fully saturated colors plus quality white light. It also offers a range of field-configurable beam angles, as well as the flexibility of customization with a full range of accessories that can be used in endless configurations.


Higher lumen output for a dynamic color fixture
Color flexibility and consistency
Complete set of accessories


Powercore technology directly accepts line voltage
Light output of 1,750 lumens, full RGB
Optional spread lenses of 20°, 40°, 60°, 80°, and 10° x 40° asymmetric
Rugged mounting bracket allows simple positioning and fixture rotation
Clean design of flat front to eliminate water pooling


Buildings facades
Monuments and sculptures
Parks and gardens
Bridges and structures
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