High resolution media direct view linear LED luminaire with intelligent colour light

iColor Accent Compact

iColor Accent Compact

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    Product family information

    iColour Accent Compact is a direct view linear LED luminaire ideally suited for displaying large-scale video, graphics, and intricately designed effects in a host of architectural settings. iColour Accent Compact accepts Ethernet input from the PDS-400 48V EO to support long control runs not subject to DMX data and addressing limitations. Two lens choices are available for iColour Accent Compact: a clear lens which delivers the brightest output and a translucent lens which provides the widest viewing angle. For more information please visit www.colorkinetics.com/ls/rgb/iColour-Accent-Compact/.


    One luminaire, multiple applications—Create media facades or architectural outlines and enhancements
    Highest resolution in a direct view linear product
    ActiveSite enabled for remote management—enjoy peace of mind and enhance your brand image


    19 mm pixel resolution; 3cd (on-axis) per pixel; over 100 lm/ft
    Small size & end-end connections for accent/effect lighting and low-resolution video grids
    Low-voltage system with remote power supplies eases long-term maintenance
    Direct Ethernet data input for video frame rate displays


    Architectural accent and effect lighting
    Product family details
    • BCS425
    Ceiling grid
    • Module size in length: 300 mm
    • Module size in length: 600 mm
    • Module size in length: 1219 mm
    Light source
    • Non-replaceable LED module
    Power (+/-10%)
    • 10 W, 16 W or 28 W
    Beam angle
    • 105º, 210º
    Average ambient temperature
    • 25 ºC
    Operating temperature range
    • -40 to +50 ºC
    • Built-in
    Controls system input
    • 48 VDC
    • Housing: aluminium
    • Optical cover: clear polycarbonate, translucent polycarbonate
    • Gray (GR)
    • Integral male / female connectors
    • Directly into the ceiling after installing mounting frame
    Through-wiring possible
    • No
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