Light pole and cabinet control system - proven robustness

Starsense Powerline

Starsense Powerline

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    Starsense Powerline is a networked controls system based on two-way power line communication using the LonWorks® open protocol. The system - making use of the existing power grid - enables individual light points to be controlled remotely and to be managed via online platforms, like CityTouch. Lighting operators can control remotely the outdoor lighting infrastructure setting dimming levels to achieve considerable energy savings and can get real time feedback from the luminaires reducing operating and maintenance costs via accurate scheduling of on-site maintenance service tasks, while improving both the quality and reliability of outdoor lighting.


    Energy saving by on time on/off and dimming
    No investment in infrastructure required (uses existing power supply grid)
    Communication based on open standards


    LonWorks® powerline communication open protocol
    Remotely control the On/Off/Dim schedules at light pole level
    Monitoring operational parameters at light pole and cabinet level


    LFC7070 Starsense PL Segment Ctrl CiTo
    LLC7030 Starsense PL OLC DALI
    LLC7040 Starsense PL OLC 1-10V
    LLC7033 Starsense PL OLC DALI Poletray
    LLC7043 Starsense PL OLC 1-10V Poletray
    LRV7310 Outdoor Configuration Assistant


    highways, roads or street lighting in general, including residential areas
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