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CorePro LED tube Universal T8

The new generation of universal T8 LEDtube lighting

CorePro LED tube Universal T8
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      The new Philips CorePro LEDtube Universal T8 brings simplicity to your lighting project. You can forget about the driver technology. Thanks to a unique design, the Philips CorePro LEDtube Universal T8 directly fits into luminaires operating either on Electro Magnetic ballasts, HF Electronic ballasts or mains power connections. So simple to operate and no need to carry double stock of products! Perfectly safe, reliable and easy to install, the Philips CorePro LEDtube Universal T8 is the ideal alternative to standard fluorescent tubes to save energy and reduce investment.


      Reduced operational cost thanks to lower energy consumption
      Lower maintenance cost thanks to a longer lifetime than conventional lamps
      The fastest and easiest way to upgrade existing luminaires to LEDtechnology; completely safe product and installation process


      Replacement of existing T8 lamps on both EM/HF ballast and mains power connection installation
      Energy savings compared with fluorescent tubes
      InstantFit technology for largest ballast compatibility
      No mercury


      Offices, shops, classrooms
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