The perfect fit LED solution for SOX system retrofit

TrueForce LED Public (Road/Area – SOX)

TrueForce LED Public (Road/Area – SOX)

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Philips TrueForce LED Public (Road/Area – SOX) offers an easy and short payback LED solution to replace SOX systems. These lamps bring the LED benefits of energy efficiency and long lifetime to HID replacement. They also come with a low initial investment to ensure instant savings. With the right lamp size, cap and light distribution, you can easily retrofit TrueForce LED lamps into existing SOX systems, thereby enhancing the light quality with comfort and safety without having to change the fixtures or sacrifice the light effect. An optional dimming function, for use at lower traffic intensities, gives additional opportunities for energy savings.


Cost savings ensure a quick payback
Low initial investment
Enhance lighting quality for comfort and safety


High energy efficiency and long lifetime 50,000 hrs
Same lamp size and cap as SOX for direct retrofit
Direct LED replacement solution without changing the fixtures
Pleasant white light with CRI 70
Available with dimming option


Public Road – streets, paths
Public Area – parking, transportation hubs
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