Cleanroom LED – hygienic and efficient

Cleanroom LED

Product family information

Customers operating highly hygienic facilities require special IP65, easy-to-clean, dust-free luminaires that meet all lighting requirements and norms. Moreover, to ensure the integrity of these areas (and stay within budget), they also need to minimize costly downtime and maintenance.With the latest LED engine on board, this LED cleanroom luminaire represents the ideal solution, delivering market-leading energy performance – far beyond fluorescent solutions – over 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. This means extremely low operational cost over the total lifetime of the luminaire, and so an excellent financial return on investment.


Excellent functional cleanroom performance
Market-leading energy efficiency; extremely low operational cost over total lifetime
Excellent quality of light with high color rendering


Latest LED engine
ISO class 2-9 Fraunhofer-certified
CRI 90
Push-in connector: connection without opening the luminaire


Hygienic areas in hospitals and laboratories
Production facilities in the clothing industry
Graphic design studios
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Product family details
  • CR434B (lay-in, 596 x 596 / 1196 x 296 mm version)
Ceiling type
  • Exposed T-bar ceiling
  • Plaster (board) ceiling
Ceiling grid
  • Module size in length: 300 and 600 mm
Light source
  • Replaceable LED module
Power (+/-10%)
  • LED48: 49 W
  • LED88: 77 W
Luminous flux
  • Square LED48: 3600 lm (3000 K) or 3900 lm (4000 K) (depending type)
  • Square LED88: 6000 lm (3000 K) or 6300 lm (4000 K) (depending type)
  • Rectangular LED88: 6000 lm (3000 K) or 6300 lm (4000 K) (depending type)
Correlated Colour Temperature
  • 3000 or 4000 K
Colour Rendering Index
  • > 80
Median useful life L70B50
  • 70,000 hours
Median useful life L80B50
  • 50,000 hours
Median useful life L90B50
  • 25,000 hours
Driver failure rate
  • 1% per 5000 hours
Average ambient temperature
  • +25 ºC
Operating temperature range
  • -20 to +35ºC
  • Philips Xitanium
Mains voltage
  • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Touch-dim or DALI
  • Housing: sheet steel, laquerred
  • Cover: glass, tempered
  • Internal optic: aluminium
  • Heatsink: aluminium sheet steel
  • White RAL 9003
Optical cover
  • AC-MLO
  • Push-in connector
  • No internal cleaning required
  • Lay in: fixation with spring fastener
  • Lay out: fixation with bolt and nuts
  • No through-wiring
  • Installation without removing light source and optical cover (not in case of plaster-ceiling versions)
  • Safety cable
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