SmartBalance, wall-mounted – Stylish and comfortable

SmartBalance Wall-mounted

SmartBalance Wall-mounted

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Striking the right balance between the different lighting needs in a patient room is a challenge for many hospitals. That’s why our bed-head luminaires offer some of the key functionalities required by both patients and staff. The SmartBalance, wall-mounted luminaire combines high-quality lighting performance with a stylish, timeless design. General ambience light is provided indirectly via the upper part of the luminaire. The lower part delivers direct, diffuse light, allowing patients to read and clinical staff to carry out examinations at the bed.


Elegant, slim design
Delivers patient-room illumination levels
Energy savings and long lifetime


Slim design: lower in height than competitor models
Compliant with lighting norms for patient rooms and corridors
Appealing, timeless design
Flexible mounting, both electrical and mechanical
State-of-the-art LED technology
Configurator approach to meet a range of hospital requirements


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