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SlimBlend Rectangular, suspended

SlimBlend Rectangular – High performance, advanced control

SlimBlend Rectangular, suspended

      Product family information

      Building owners and tenants want office regulation-compliant lighting. They also want good quality of light, lower energy costs and lower maintenance costs. That’s why more and more people are applying ‘surface of light’ solutions, which provide glare-free, diffused lighting comfort as well as flexibility and clutter-free aesthetics. SlimBlend provides all this and more. It uses the ‘trapped’ light under the masking to create a subtle glow, with a soft transition to the edge, lowering the brightness perception and blending the light into the ceiling – for an even more comfortable working environment. SlimBlend can also be part of a connected lighting system and is integrated into the IT infrastructure, enabling usage data to be collected to help reduce energy costs further. Also, because SlimBlend luminaires are indeed slim, they enable technical equipment to be more easily installed in the plenum. Moreover, SlimBlend offers a wide variety of options to ensure that all building types can take advantage. These high-end appearance luminaires come in square, rectangular and round designs, and can be either recessed, surface-mounted, suspended or wall-mounted. They also offer a good balance between initial cost and ROI, so everyone can enjoy high-quality light combined with distinctive design.


      Unique combination of distinguished look and feel, and performance
      Helps declutter ceiling architectures
      Integrated sensor makes it ready for connected-lighting systems
      Reduced installation time and cost


      Best-in-class efficacy, supporting green building design
      Good balance between initial cost and ROI, payback within three years
      Integrated sensor for (connected) lighting systems enabling additional energy saving and data collection
      Light floats towards the edges of luminaire to ensure that it blends into the ceiling architecture
      Comfortable, glare-free office-compliant lighting using Micro Lens Optics


      Product Data Sheets
      Product family details
      • SP400P (module size 600x600 mm versions)
      • SM402B (module size 625x625 mm versions)
      Light source
      • Non-replaceable LED module
      Power (+/-10%)
      • 25-40 W (depending on type)
      Beam angle
      • 92º
      Luminous flux
      • 2,800 Lumen
      • 3,600 Lumen
      • 4,200 Lumen
      • 5,000 Lumen (Direct/Indirect)
      • 5,700 Lumen (Direct/Indirect)
      Correlated Colour Temperature
      • 3,000 K and 4,000 K
      Colour Rendering Index
      • >80
      Median useful life L70B50
      • 70,000
      Median useful life L80B50
      • 50,000
      Median useful life L90B50
      • 25,000
      Average ambient temperature
      • +25 ºC
      Operating temperature range
      • +10 to +40 ºC
      • Built-in
      Power/Data supply
      • PSU
      • PSD
      • PSD-CLO
      • PSD-T
      • PoE
      Mains voltage
      • 220-240 V/50-60 Hz
      • Dali, PoE
      • Housing: coated steel and plastic
      • Optics: Micro Lens Optics (MLO)
      • White
      Optical cover
      • Micro Lens Optic (MLO)
      • PIP or W
      • Optical module sealed for life; no internal cleaning required
      • Individual; suspended mounting with a twin steel-wire triangle suspension set including a white power cable (SMT) or suspended mounting with a twin steel-wire triangle suspension set including a white power cable for a T-profile (SMTT)
      Through-wiring possible
      • No
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