iColor MR gen3 – intelligent RGB MR16 LED lamp for intense, saturated bursts of colour

iColor MR gen3

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iColor MR gen3 is an intelligent colour-changing lamp that delivers intense, saturated bursts of colour and colour-changing effects. The stylish housing fits into most standard MR16 fixtures, including tracks, cables, rails, and pendants. With high-intensity LED light sources and three beam angles, iColor MR gen3 is suitable for a wide range of architectural, theatrical, and retail applications.


High-quality light output, superior output consistency; less commissioning time required
Light output can be tailored to the application
Simple installation and control with standard two-conductor cable or hook-up wire


Can be used with most standard MR16 bi-pin base fixtures – track heads, pendants, chandeliers, sconces, pinspots, striplights
Narrow, medium and wide beam angles to tailor light output for flood, spot, wash and direct-view applications
Simple installation with standard two-conductor cable
Individual unit control via PDS-70mr 24V power/data supply – from simple, preprogrammed effects to DMX/Ethernet control


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