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GreenSpace Accent Projector

GreenSpace Accent Projector

Product family information

Thanks to the GreenSpace Accent family, retailers and building operators can now make the switch from CDM to LED and enjoy the benefits of Philips PerfectAccent light quality as well as significant energy savings – all for a reasonable initial investment. GreenSpace Accent Projector’s regular 3C adaptor and specific lumen packages make retrofit installation quick and easy. For fashion and food retailers, the GreenSpace Accent Projector is available with special light flavours and LED recipes to show the clothes and fresh food produce on offer in the very best light. Check out our Fashion and Food catalogue pages to find out more about CrispWhite, PremiumWhite, Fresh Food Meat and Fresh Food Champagne.


Clean and robust design
Full retail application coverage
Lighting flexibility beyond CDM


Driver integrated in a compact housing
Philips PerfectAccent light quality
Light flavours for fashion and LED recipes for food included
CDM retrofit track-mounted luminaire


Retail outlets, especially food and fashion shops
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Product family details
  • ST320T (3C track version)
Light source
  • Non-replaceable LED module
  • 14.4, 23 and 32.9 W at light colours 830, 840 and 827 for LED17S, LED27S and LED39S
Beam angle
  • 10º (NB), 24º (MB), 36° (WB), 60° (VWB)
Luminous flux
  • 1,700 lm (for light colour 830, PW9)
  • 2,600 lm (light colour 827, PW9 and CRW)
  • 3,600 lm (light colour PW9)
  • 1,750 lm (for light colour CRW, CH)
  • 1,650, 3,700 lm (for light colour 827)
  • 2,700, 3,900 lm (for light colour 830)
  • 1,800, 2,800, 4,000 lm (for light colour 840)
Correlated Colour Temperature
  • 2,500 K (for Fresh Food Champagne CH)
  • 2,700, 3,000 K (for 830, PremiumWhite PW9, CrispWhite CRW, Fresh Food Meat FMT)
  • 4,000 K
Colour Rendering Index
  • >80 (for 3,000, 4,000 and 2,700 K, Fresh Food Meat FMT)
  • >90 (for PremiumWhite PW9, CrispWhite CRW, Fresh Food Champagne CH)
Standard deviation colour matching (SDCM)
  • 3 (with a tolerance of +/- 0.005 on colour point measurement)
Median useful life L70B50
  • 70,000 hours
Median useful life L80B50
  • 50,000 hours
Median useful life L90B50
  • 25,000 hours
Average ambient temperature
  • +25 ºC
Operating temperature range
  • 10 to +40 ºC
  • Built-in
Power/Data supply
  • Not applicable
Mains voltage
  • 220-240 V/50-60 Hz
  • Not available
  • Tube: aluminium
  • Bracket: polyamide
  • Optical cover: PMMA
  • White (WH, RAL9003), black (BK, RAL 9004), silver (SI, RAL9006)
  • 3C track adaptor
  • On 3-circuit track
  • Through-wiring not applicable
  • Honeycomb (HC), skirt black or white (SK).
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