DALI Square Track – flexibility enabling energy savings

DALI Square Track

DALI Square Track

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Designed for use with DALI projectors with a dedicated adaptor, the DALI Square Track is ideal for users who want lighting flexibility to create a specific ambience in their shop and to reduce energy consumption. The system is made up of a solid aluminium track, which is available in various lengths and with a choice of electrical conductors. Any given configuration can be easily created – horizontal or vertical, mounted on or in the ceiling, on the wall or on free-standing panels. The system can also be used as a floating structure. All luminaires have a separate power supply and can be switched selectively. They can easily be moved to alter the lighting and presentation. In this way, a multifunctional track system can be created for accent lighting as well as for suspending advertising and decorative material.


Allows flexible light settings
Enables energy savings
Unobtrusive smart track


Integration of the DALI protocol within an unobtrusive retail spot track widely used for dimming and control
Can be used with all Philips LED 3C track spots
Available in lengths of 1, 2, 3 and 4 m
Seven electrical conductors: L1/L2/L3/neutral/ground 16A/400V, IP20 + DA/DA 2x1A/50V FELV AC (DALI)
Available in three finishes – white, black, aluminium
Range of adaptors, power supply connections and mounting accessories available


Accent lighting in retail outlets, shopping malls, museums
All indoor architectural lighting applications
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