Maxos LED Spot Inserts – flexibility and style

Maxos LED Spot Inserts

Maxos LED Spot Inserts

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In specific areas of shops such as fruit and vegetable displays, projectors are often required in addition to LED-based general lighting. Accent lighting is an integral part of the Maxos concept. These dedicated inserts allow light lines to be flexibly equipped with the latest range of projectors as well as general LED lighting. 4MX960 units with projectors for Maxos trunkings with flat ribbon cable (5 x 2.5 mm, 7 x 2.5 mm) are available. These units can be clicked into the trunking sections like a regular electrical unit. Surface-mounted projectors are fixed to the inserts.


Easy to install
Seamless integration into Maxos rail
Suitable for latest version of StyliD


One or two StyliD projectors
Each projector has 360º directional freedom
Flexibility in placement on Maxos rail


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