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Gentlespace Gen3

GentleSpace gen3: adaptable high-bay lighting offering high-efficiency and connectivity options to lighting systems and software applications.

Gentlespace Gen3

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      With the third generation of the GentleSpace high-bay luminaire, we continue to bring innovations to the market by offering adaptable high bay lighting solutions for high ceiling and industrial applications. GentleSpace gen3 offers a wide variety of options in terms of optics and beam angles (from very narrow to wide), a choice of mounting possibilities and cover materials and a variety of lumen packages. This means that GentleSpace gen3 can easily help you create a tailor-made and ideal lighting solution for almost any high ceiling and/or industrial application. It can also support changes in application requirements (such as layout changes) thanks to its flexible optical system, which can be easily adjusted even after installation. In addition, GentleSpace gen3 also provides the option of advanced connectivity and is ready to be connected to IoT-based systems and software applications such as the Interact Industry. Overall, whether you are looking for a reliable 'fit and forget' solution, or one that can be adapted and controlled after installation, GentleSpace gen3 is the ideal solution for your application.


      High-quality visibility combined with great uniformity and reduced glare
      A robust and reliable solution for a long service life
      A highly efficient solution, offering an attractive total cost of ownership
      Flexibility enabled by a high degree of adaptability to changing application needs
      Ready to be connected to existing and upcoming system and cloud based IoT software applications
      Extensive application coverage including food production, manufacturing with different ceiling height, hallways
      Integrated 3 hour emergency lighting options available
      Certified option available for safe lighting in ATEX 2/22 explosive zones
      Ideal for indoor sports centres with both a swimming pool and ball proof certified version available


      High efficiency of up to 160 lm/W
      Long service life of the L80 at 100 K hrs
      Detachable mounting system for ease of installation
      Fully compliant with EN-12464-1; low-glare rating and colour rendering of ≥ 80
      Optional dust cover to meet the hygienic requirements of the food & beverage industry
      Suitable for new builds or point-for-point replacement of HPI 250 W, HPL 400 W or HPI 400 W, reducing energy consumption by up to 65%
      Wide variety of optics to meet application requirements, also with the option of adjustable optics variant with the flexibility to shift from NB to MB to WB with an easy adjustment mechanism
      Interact Industry ready and Philips GreenWarehouse-ready


      Food production and manufacturing
      Warehouses and logistics centres
      Indoor sports halls, swimming pools and exhibition halls
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