LuxSpace 2 recessed – high efficiency, visual comfort and a stylish design

LuxSpace, recessed

LuxSpace, recessed

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    Customers are looking to optimize all their resources, and that means not just their running costs (energy, etc.) but also their human resources. Energy savings are therefore a priority, but they must not have an adverse effect on the well-being of employees, who need a pleasant environment in order to be more productive, or on customers, who want to enjoy their shopping experience. LuxSpace provides the perfect combination of efficiency, light comfort and design, without compromising on lighting performance (color rendering and color uniformity). It offers a wide choice of options for creating the desired ambience, no matter the application.


    Best-in-class efficacy
    Creates a gentle, natural light, ensuring visual comfort
    Perfect integration with the ceiling thanks to the thin, narrow rim; rimless version ideal for integration into plaster ceilings


    Choice of four optics: high-gloss, facetted, matt and white
    Heights: deep (up to UGR 19), low (up to UGR 22)
    Light color: 830, 840, 930 and 827
    Rim colors: high-gloss metalized, white (RAL9010), grey, black (RAL9005) as standard (any other RAL color possible upon request)
    Rimless version available (not for LED40S versions)
    Surface-mounted version available (not for LED40S versions)
    Compliant for central emergency lighting with DC
    Multiple additional options: PG and PGO (IP54 front face), emergency lighting (single battery 3 hours), suspended deco glasses, through-wiring


    Halls, offices, conference rooms
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