High-performance LED Elbow spot

LuxSpace Accent Compact Elbow

LuxSpace Accent Compact Elbow

LuxSpace Accent Compact Elbow

  • High-performance LED Elbow spot

    • Very compact look and feel
    • Strong optical performance


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Product family information

Retailers are increasingly having to contend with rising energy prices. At the same time, they need to retain the quality of light they are used to, flexibility in architectural integration, and the right light effects to catch the customer’s eye. Last but not least, they need future-proof solutions that will enable them to implement differentiating concepts in their store. Delivering high-quality light, punch in the beam and outstanding luminous efficacy, LuxSpace Accent is the ideal energy-efficient solution for today’s demanding retail environments.Featuring an extremely compact and unobtrusive form factor, LuxSpace Accent Compact Elbow offers strong optical performance, as well as full aiming options. For fashion and food retailers, it is available with special light flavors and LED recipes to show the clothes and fresh food produce on offer in the very best light.


Combination of high flux with very small, passively cooled housing
Improved PerfectBeam reflectors
Dedicated light flavors and LED recipes
80° tilt angle


Food and fashion retail
Product family details
  • RS742B
Light Source
  • Non-replaceable LED module
  • NB (LED15S CRW): 26 W
  • NB (LED20S): 25.5 W
  • MB, WB, VWB (LED12S): 6.6 to 14.6 W (depending on light color)
  • MB, WB, VWB (LED17S): 13 to 21 W (depending on light color)
  • MB, WB, VWB (LED19S FMT-Rosé): 31 W
  • MB, WB, VWB (LED26S FMT-Rosé): 49.5 W
  • MB, WB, VWB (LED27S): 21 to 51 W (depending on light color)
  • MB, WB, VWB (LED39S): 31 to 38.5W (depending on light color)
Beam angle
  • NB (10º)
  • MB (28º, ±2º depending on lumen package)
  • WB (36º, ±2º depending on lumen package)
  • VWB (60º, ±2º depending on lumen package)
  • LIN (oval lens)
Luminous flux
  • NB (LED15S CRW): 1550 lm
  • NB (LED20S): 2000 to 2400 lm (depending on light color)
  • MB, WB, VWB (LED12S): 1200 lm
  • MB, WB, VWB (LED17S): 1700 lm
  • MB, WB, VWB (LED19S FMT-Rosé): 1900 lm
  • MB, WB, VWB (LED26S FMT-Rosé): 2600 lm
  • MB, WB, VWB (LED27S): 2700 lm
  • MB, WB, VWB (LED39S): 3900 lm
Correlated Color Temperature
  • 2700, 3000, 4000 K
Color Rendering Index
  • 80
  • 90
Median useful life L70B50
  • 70,000 hours
Median useful life L80B50
  • 50,000 hours
Median useful life L90B50
  • 25,000 hours
Average ambient temperature
  • +25 ºC
Operating temperature range
  • +10 to +35 ºC
  • Built-in
Mains voltage
  • 230 or 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
  • DALI
  • Housing: die-cast aluminum
  • Light cover: acrylic or glas
  • Optic: plastic
  • Black (BK, RAL9004)
  • White (WH, RAL9003)
  • Grey, (SI, RAL9006)
  • Other RAL colors available on request
Optical cover
  • Curved glass (narrow beam)
  • Acrylic (other beams)
  • Push-in connector (PI) or with pull relief (PIP)
  • Wieland/Adels push-in connector, 3-pole mains (and 2-pole control signal) (W)
  • Fixation by means of spring fasteners