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GreenSpace Accent, elbow

GreenSpace Accent – The best recessed accent retrofit solution

GreenSpace Accent, elbow
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      Lighting is one of the key assets that can help retailers and building operators achieve their cost targets. Until now, many have been reluctant to switch from CDM to LED technology because the efficiency, initial investment, installation process, light level and/or quality of light of new LED solutions were not on par with their CDM existing solutions. This is no longer the case, thanks to GreenSpace Accent. Now, retailers and building operators can make the switch and enjoy the benefits of Philips PerfectAccent light quality as well as significant energy savings compared to their existing CDM installation – all for a reasonable initial investment. And GreenSpace Accent’s regular cut-out makes retrofit installation quick and easy. For food and fashion retailers, GreenSpace Accent elbow is also available with special light recipes to further enhance the store ambiance and to show the produce and goods on offer in the very best light: Fresh Food Champagne is the perfect LED solution for displaying fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread and pastries in a warm lighting ambiance; Fresh Food Meat creates the best light setting for meat enhancement in a cool natural ambiance; CrispWhite is the clear choice for fashion retailers to make colors appear rich and intense while keeping whites bright.


      Hassle-free replacement of CDM recessed luminaires
      Short payback compared with CDM luminaires due to high system efficacy
      High-quality accent lighting thanks to PerfectAccent reflector’s light signature


      High efficacy
      Philips PerfectAccent quality of light
      CDM retrofit recessed luminaire; easy to install
      Clean, robust design


      Retail stores, especially food and fashion stores
      Public spaces such as shopping malls, train stations, airports, etc.
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