Xtreme drivers for maximum energy savings

DynaVision Programmable Xtreme for CDO

DynaVision Programmable Xtreme for CDO

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    Highly reliable and flexible electronic drivers for CDO lamps; designed to save on energy costs via integrated controls and to reduce maintenance costs thanks to 80,000 hour lifetime and integrated lightning protection. The DynaVision Programmable product family is the perfect basis for any sort of lighting management solution.


    Enables 2-way communication with the lighting network (via DALI)
    Up to 40% energy saving due to the integrated dimming options and very high driver efficiency
    Minimises maintenance cost due to the Xtreme lifetime of 80,000 hours and integrated lightning protection


    Programmable by means of standard digital interface (DALI) and controllable via DALI protocol
    Integrates several control options (DynaDimmer, LineSwitch, AmpDim, Constant Light Output, Adjustable Light Output )
    Longest lifetime for electronic drivers: 80,000 hours with minimum 90% survival at Tc = 80 °C
    Lightning protection 10 kV/5 kA
    Accurate lamp power stabilisation of 95-97% over wide mains-voltage range of 180-300 V


    Road lighting
    Residential lighting
    City beautification
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