Product Description

HF-Regulator II for TL-D lamps

HF-Regulator II for TL-D lamps

HF-Regulator II for TL-D lamps

  • Product Description

    • The lamp power can be dimmed from 1 to 100% via the Analog control input (in accordance with the 1-10 V industry standard)
    • Compliant with European and Asian norms and suitable for emergency lighting systems
    • HF operation improves light quality, lamp lifetime
    • Combined with controls, additional energy savings can be achieved


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Product family information

Flat, lightweight high-frequency electronic regulating ballast, using 1-10V protocol for TL-D fluorescent lamps


Programmed start: flicker-free ignition < 0.5 seconds and striation-free operation, no stroboscopic effects. Preheating the lamp electrodes enables the lamps to be switched on and off without reducing life
Smart power ensures constant light, independent of mains fluctuations.
Up to 60% reduction in energy consumption by using automatic lighting control systems
Stop circuit is activated within 5 seconds in the event of lamp failure (safety stop), and ballast resets automatically after lamp replacement


1-10V installations with daylight linking and/or movement detection (for energy savings)
1-10V installations with remote control systems (combining energy savings with comfort)
Installations with emergency back-up, according to IEC 60598-2-22