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    TUV T8 lamps are double-ended UVC (germicidal) lamps used in professional water and air disinfection units. TUV T8 lamps offer constant UV output over their complete lifetime, for maximum security of disinfection and high system efficacy. Moreover, they have a long and reliable lifetime, which allows maintenance to be planned for in advance.


    Security of effective disinfection over the complete lifetime of the lamp
    High system efficacy because it is not required to over-design the purification system to maintain effectiveness of disinfection
    Maintenance can be planned in advance, virtually eliminating the need for expensive spot replacement of prematurely failed lamps


    Short-wave UV radiation with a peak at 253.7 nm (UVC) for disinfection purposes
    Protective inside coating ensures constant UV output over the complete lifetime of the lamp
    Long and reliable lifetime with the lowest percentage of lamps that fail prematurely in the market
    Lamp glass filters out the 185 nm ozone-forming line
    High Output versions available for optimum UVC output per lamp length, allowing for reduction of system size
    Warning sign on lamp indicates that the lamp radiates UVC


    Deactivation of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms
    Stand alone and wall-mounted, upper air and whole room air disinfection equipment in for example hospitals, schools and offices
    Residential drinking water units
    Industrial water treatment equipment in food & beverage industry, clean rooms, etc.
    Water recycling equipment in greenhouses and horticultural applications
    Fish pond water units
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