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    Low-pressure sodium vapour lamps with a U-shaped discharge tube enclosed in a clear tubular outer bulb under vacuum that is maintained by a solid-state getter


    Highest reliability ensures the lowest total cost of ownership
    Stable power consumption through life maintains low energy use and contributes to low cost of ownership
    Extremely high luminous efficacy; the most efficient light sources for road, security and tunnel lighting


    Philips Solid-state Getter (PSG) for highest reliability over life
    Uniform sodium distribution in the discharge tube by means of dimples for a more stable discharge, stable power consumption, shorter run-up time, higher efficacy and better lumen maintenance and lamp life
    Monochromatic yellow colour with non-existent colour rendering
    Burning position SOX 35W and 55W: base-up ±110° (universal burning position when luminaires installed in shock-free positions)


    Road lighting, railway marshalling yards and crossings, airports, harbours and docks, quarries, foundries and rolling mills
    Security and orientation lighting
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